PR plast AB is since the beginning of the 70-ties one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum formed goods in Sweden. In their factory with a total of 6300 sqm they can do almost anything within vacuum forming and post processing. PR plast also develop their own tools which has given us simple communication and fast answers on all questions during the development of Print.

PR plast has helped us tremendously during our journey. They have helped us with prototype development and have guided us during the design process. Johan Wallin and J-P Olsson running PR Plast have both been an invaluable support for us.

After lots of tryouts and trimming of the tools and process parameters all the suitcase shells for the first batch of Print is now ready for milling which is also done at PR plast. After that is is time for sewing which is done in collaboration with Lindevalls just across the street from PR Plast. And as a final step mounting which is done in our own workshop next to Lindevalls.

Läs mer om våra hjältar på PR Plast.

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