Sottcay create products that will last both emotionally and in hardware.

Our ambition is to create flexibility in our products, by being able to personalize and create structure the products will be adapted for everyday challenges for a long time.

Easy to recognize. Have you ever taken the wrong suitcase from the conveyor belt? Sottcay Print is the personal suitcase that can spread a message, a feeling. The image, which also can be changed and updated can express whats relevant for the moment, private person, sports club, the business fair or family trip.

The image is printed on a PET sheet attached in a recessed frame, by being able to change the image yourself it creates an unlimited opportunity.

Companion series, an extension of your home closet, specially adapted to suitcases, with its 3, 7 and 10 liters it fits all clothes easily and neatly, it becomes easy to find things, clean and dirty do not mix, so forget “all in a mess” your decor in your suitcase is the Companion series packing bags.

The suitcase is made of black polycarbonate plastic, easy to keep clean and very service-friendly as it has no interior.

Sottcay Print will be manufactured in Ostersund Sweden.

Stay tuned

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