A good start on 2017. Finally the first suitcase shells are vacuum formed. We have celebrated with coffee and cake.
Some details still remain to be sorted out before the suitcases can be delivered to you who have pre-order one. First we want to go through the details. We have for example tested the strength of the shell in normal room temperature as well as in cold conditions and dare to say that it is impressively strong. This is important for us as we want to deliver a quality product.
There are still suitcases left for pre-orders. Pre-orders are of course non binding.
Those who have reserved the sample will be contacted via E-mail when the suitcases are ready for delivery. And will receive instructions on how to choose picture to be printed.
This is the moment of truth. Thanks to all that have been with us during our journey. Soon there will be suitcases produced in Sweden, Jämtland on airports and train stations all around the globe.

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