10 tips för att packa smartare

1. Make a list on what to bring. Think about climate, activities and your needs during the trip.

2. Bring multi purpose clothing and shoes. i.e bring clothes that you can mix and match for different occasions.


Sottcay Companion packpåse

3. Put your shoes in shoe bags. So that they do not ruin your dress or suit.

4. Roll up your clothing so that they do not wrinkle. Bring wrinkle free natural fabrics like wool or silk.

Sottcay packtips


5. Pack in categories, i.e. underwear, tops, knitted and skirts separated in packing bags. Normal plastic bags will of course work as well. This will give you a good overview and give you less stress during your trip. To have your clothes in packing bags is also convenient in case you need to open your suitcase on an air port or in the hotel lobby.

6. Collect your laundry in an oder moisture resistant bag to keep you cleen clothes fresh.

7. Put your heavy stuff close to the suitcase wheels.

8. Reduce your toilet bag to only what you need. Necessary pharmacy products, skin and hair care in small bottles or products that are multi purpose, dental care and makeup. Put the most necessary things in your hand luggage but don’t forget that liquids over 100 ml are not allowed.

9. Your hand luggage must contain the most obvious things like passport, your mobile, money and your tickets. It is also useful to bring an extra set of underwear and an extra set of clothes in case your luggage gets lost. A small toilet bag with tooth brush, moisturizer for hands and face, baby wipes and a snack is also nice to have. And don´t forget a good book

10. In your hand luggage you also put your valuables like jewelry, camera and laptop.

If you travel by train or by car it can also be useful to think in terms of hand luggage. What do I need along the road and what is valuable.

Have a nice vacation!

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